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Welcome to Null Island!

The Republic of Null Island is one of the smallest and least-visited nations on Earth. Situated where the Prime Meridian crosses the Equator, Null Island sits 1600 kilometres off the western coast of Africa.

Our ancestors were a mix of adventurous European sailors and unfortunate Africans who were swept out to sea and survived long enough to make landfall. Today, most people speak a mix of Portugese, English, Yoruba and Igbo that can only be described as "Nullish".

How do Null Islanders live? Do they trade with the rest of the world? The answers to these questions are both unusual and unexpected. Please explore our web site to learn more about us!

Not satisfied just reading about Null Island? Why not pay us a visit? Ring your travel agent and ask about holidays on Null Island. Services via modern commercial shipping are available from several West African ports!

The better you know Null Island, the more you will say,
"It's like No Place on Earth!"