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Facts for the Visitor
  • Location: (0 , 0)
  • Area: 6,400 Ha
  • Highest Point: 780 m
  • Population: 4,000
  • Average Annual Rainfall: 500 cm
  • Temperature Range: 4 - 33 c


Our Unique Geography

The spectacular profile of Null Island, defined by Boundary Ridge, came into existence in the late 20th century. Prior to the discovery of extensive Bauxite deposits and their subsequent extraction by the Null Island Bauxite Extraction Company (NIBEC), Null Island was crowned by a peak that rose 2,000 metres above the sea.

Although some have called the Great Collapse a disaster, Null Islanders have put the events of that unfortunate time behind them. As President Smythe says, "Where once we had a single mountain, we now have ridges, cliffs, ravines and Settlement Lake."

You might wonder, "Can I swim in that beautiful lake?" Sadly, no. Did you know that bauxite is mined using the Leach process, which involves the use of cyanide? Neither did most Null Islanders! But, as NIBEC has assured us, Settlement Lake will eventually be detoxified. The situation is under control and visits very close to the shoreline are routinely undertaken.



Null Island from the Air

This photo of the uninhabited side of the Island shows both Boundary Ridge and Settlement Lake. Most Null Islanders live along the shoreline beyond the ridge.